Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba is a Japanese, Peruvian, and Brazilian eclectic delight. Your experience starts as you travel up the lift to get to your destination on floor 39. We were greeted with breath-taking views of the City of London as Sushi Samba boasts being in the heart of the City. You then head through an array of red coloured bamboo shoots as the cool, calm ambience awaits you. If you’re lucky to visit here in the summer, you can be seated outside, but on a cold night in May, we stayed indoors. The tall ceiling, the décor, and the views create a modern and exotic vibe.

Now onto the food! My friends and I ordered an array of food which we all shared – my highlights were:

  • Samba Salad – a fresh salad with such a mix of flavour!
  • Shrimp Tempura – deep friend shrimp in a beautiful batter – the chilli mayo was a great accompaniment.
  • Prawn and yellowtail crispy Taquitos – this had a crispy nacho feel with a lovely fish stuffing inside.
  • Black cod – this is a rich and fulfilling large plate main dish.
  • Samba rolls – Samba London, and Tiger and Lobster Maki – if you are a sushi fan, you will enjoy these rolls.
  • Mushroom Tobanyaki – my least favourite, the mushrooms taste was quite strong, but it was still a nice dish.


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