Barut Lara, Antalya, Turkey

Why Antalya?

We chose Antalya as it’s a short 5 and half hour flight from London to get some sun during the holidays. Antalya always calls us back – we have been 3 times now, even though we enjoy travelling to different places! Antalya provides great weather, is good value for money, safe, and has beautiful beaches and surroundings. It is also very family friendly with an abundance of resorts to choose from – there’s not much more you can ask for! 

My recommendation would be to go here from May to October. We still found Antalya to be a bit nippy during April.

Where to stay

Barut Lara, Antalya (April) x2 visits

Barut Lara is a 15 minute drive from the airport. Once you arrive, the outside of the hotel does not boast the greatness that lies within. I am not surprised why it is rated the one of the best on Trip advisor. There are several different cuisines to choose from, and a vast array of activities/shows for children at the kids club, as well as for adults. The beach is sandy, and staff friendly, especially at the kids club. The hotel caters well to babies/toddlers, with a kids area at the main restaurant, as well as bottle sterilisation service, microwave to warm up baby food, and more. The value for money is also great – definitely go for the all-inclusive package to make the most of your stay, especially with kids.

Based on the service, value, variety and quality of the food, and array of activities,

I give it an 8.5 out of 10.


The hotel boasts a number of restaurants/cafes/eateries, you will not go hungry. Get ready to put some pounds on – it’s worth it 🙂.

My favourites are listed below:

Main buffet restaurant

This restaurant was the main area for breakfast, as well as serving International cuisine for lunch and dinner.  It’s a great option with children.

Barbeque restaurant

This was one of my favourites as you get to choose your meat, and ‘do your own’ barbeque overlooking the views of the beach on an open-air grill. It was a great experience and was nice to see hubby doing some work whilst I relaxed 🙂.

Kuyu restaurant

The Turkish food served at the restaurant was absolutely delicious – you must eat here.

Pizzeria de Laura

This restaurant caters to the finest Italian food, whether its pizza or pasta you fancy.

Sandal restaurant

A stylish sea food restaurant with a fresh array of fish.

They have also opened a sushi bar recently – we will have re-visit to see what that’s like!

Resort food rating – 8.5 out of 10.

What to do

Resort activities

Bary star kids club

The kids club has a number of outdoor swings and slides, as well as a soft play area. The activities at the club include making your own t-shirt, making cookies (and other array of foods), and activities at the beach. A full 7 day activity list is available so you can plan out what to do with your kids based on what they enjoy. We never left our kids here, but the option is available. We always want the kids around during our ‘family’ holiday so that they can experience everything with us.

kids club rating – 8.5 out of 10.

Adult activities

Abid and I tried out archery and air rifle shooting. Shooting was an experience, and the staff provided some comedy whilst we were here too. There are also a whole host of other activities available, like yoga, aqua aerobics, and more. The reception team can provide you with the list so you can plan out your activities. The resort also has a team of great photographers who complete a photo session with your family. We opted for this, and caught some great moments on camera of us and our daughter – one for our picture wall 🙂.

Swimming here was lovely (I am an avid swimmer and so are my kids) – the only downside is that they do not heat the pools! If you’re not here during the peak summer period, hold your breath before you dive in! There are several splash areas and slides to utilise as well.

Entertainment – one of my favourites from the resorts I have been to. There is a kids dance show around 6.30pm (timings may vary) where the kids are kept involved with various nursery rhymes and kid friendly songs. Our daughter absolutely loved this and danced the night away. A more grown up show starts at around 9/9.30pm. We were mesmerised by the actors, dancers, and magicians. Every night has something spectacular and amazing to see – it did not disappoint. Our daughter would usually go to sleep in the buggy around 8ish, so we could enjoy the show in peace.

Overall activities – 8.5 out 10.

What to do in Antalya

Our Antalya holidays were mainly based at the resort. We did kids club activities, swan a lot, and spent time at the beach.

The only 2 destinations we visited outside the resort were 2 beautiful waterfalls located not far from our hotel.

Kursunlu waterfalls

This was such an adventure with big and small children alike, and not too strenuous either. There is a ticketing system to enter, which leads you into what seems like paradise. The rich plantation, the flowing rivers, the mesmerising waterfalls – this is a sight worth seeing. It is not a buggy friendly area, so do take your baby carrier with you if you’re travelling with a baby, and keep a close eye on toddlers as you walk up the pebbled steps and over the bridges.  The highlight here are the caves tucked away at the back of the waterfall, it’s worth walking into. You’ll also find some shops and cafes in here if you fancy something to eat.

Duden waterfalls

Wow – what a sight! We arrived here just at sunset. The waterfall falls into the ocean, and we saw some shimmery lit stars by the waterfall, which just adds more of a special effect. There is a big grassy expanse here – so if you have time, why not stay around for a picnic.

Waterfalls – 10 out of 10

How to travel

We have flown by Easyjet and Thomas Cook airlines. Both were standard flights. Make sure you keep some kids activities and entertainment, as well as food. If you’re looking for kids entertainment inspiration, see our activity packs.

Overall, my rating was 7/10 for both Easyjet and Thomas Cook airlines.

My overview

I’ve really enjoyed Antalya. The food is awesome, the views are breath-taking, it is a short travel journey from London, and a value for money hot spot.


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